We are pleased to offer online appointment scheduling for Physical Exams and sports physicals. If you need an appointment for a sick visit, please call 706-232-1300.
We schedule online Physical exam appointments; Monday through Friday, from 8:30 Am – 3:30 Pm. Our office will call you to confirm the appointment.

Does my child really need a yearly physical exam?

1) A physical examination is an important aspect of staying healthy. During the physical exam each body system is carefully examined for signs of health and normal function.

2) We pick up subtle things during physical that generally won’t be noticed during a sick visit. It is far better to prevent a disease or condition than to treat it, and better to treat it early before it becomes worse.

3) This visit allows us to discus important topics like injury and accident preventions. We also review many important areas including your child’s nutritional status, growth, development and immunizations. This can’t be done during sick visits.

4) We do screening tests like blood work (hemoglobin, cholesterol), vision checking and hearing testing during physical. Children won’t get these tests otherwise. Health problems are often detected during these tests.

5) Most Schools, daycares, summer camps, and sports programs require physicals and proof of immunizations. If your child has been getting annual physicals, you won’t have to rush to the office to get sports physical or required immunization at the last minute.

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