Medical home concept for kids is a TERRIFIC concept! This means having one Pediatrician/office for a child where her all medical needs are served. This includes all well checkups, shots, sports physicals and treatment of all acute illnesses (Eg. ear infections) and chronic problems like Asthma, ADHD. In a medical home, patients and parents feel respected. Staffers take a proactive approach to helping families.
Recent research has suggested that children who develop a long-term relationship with a pediatrician are healthier and hospitalized less than children who switch off between several doctors’ offices, the urgent clinics and the health department. The fragmented care approach to a child’s health means no single doctor knows you and your child well. Nobody knows the bigger picture.

We are proud to provide medical home to our patients. When you choose us to be your child’s pediatrician, we want to meet all your needs at our office. Please call our office first for all the medical needs of your child including well checkups, shots, sports physicals, and acute illnesses like ear infections, sore throats and  chronic problems.

If you call us before 3:30 pm on the weekdays, we will offer you
The Same Day Next Available Appointment 
for “acute sick visit” before we close for the day.

So there is less need to go to the ER or urgent clinic. Our phones also stay open till 4:30 Pm to assist you. Please call us first. We can also schedule your sports physical two months in advance.